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PCI Readiness Review

Many universities are unsure of their level of compliance and may not be ready for a full compliance assessment. The CampusGuard PCI Readiness Review provides an assessment of your readiness for PCI compliance. The objective of the Review is to launch or accelerate your PCI compliance team’s effort. The Review accomplishes the following:

  • Sets a strategic direction
  • Creates awareness among campus merchants
  • Promotes awareness and support among your Executive team
  • Promotes awareness and support of the Information Technology team
  • Creates a PCI Committee and develops a charter for the team
  • Creates a Roadmap for PCI Compliance
  • Provides a Customer Compliance Portal to help you along the way

Vulnerability Scanning

CampusGuard is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and we can provide the scans and reports for you to verify your compliance. Along with creating a compliant infrastructure, you need to verify that the measures you have put in place actually are working. The PCI DSS mandates that you undergo a vulnerability scan in your card processing environment at least quarterly. CampusGuard is your scanning source.

Penetration Testing

Different from vulnerability scanning, penetration testing involves the exploitation of vulnerabilities to understand if a system can actually be compromised. There is a requirement to perform this type of testing in your card processing environment according to the PCI DSS. CampusGuard is equipped to perform multiple levels of penetration testing in your environment according to your needs.

Customer Compliance Portal

CampusGuard provides a secure portal to maintain your critical documents that are required for compliance. Documents such as your PCI questionnaire, network drawings, and configurations can be retained in the portal for reference and verification to your processor or bank for compliance.

Security Awareness Education

The PCI DSS dictates that staff must be educated annually. We have the expertise to effectively communicate the rules of compliance to a non-technical audience. We pride ourselves in our abilities to educate various audiences on a wide range of security and other information technology topics.

PII Discovery and Remediation

How do you know where all of your confidential data is stored? We have the tools and technologies to discover all the places that Personally Identifiable Information is stored on your systems. We’ll assist your staff in review of the information and implement secure removal or storage of PII to help maintain your compliance.