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Strengthen your information security posture so you can better detect, prevent, and mitigate the damage of a potential data breach

Financial Services

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As an organization within the financial sector, security and privacy are essential. As cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated and compliance regulations more stringent, your information security posture also needs to grow to stay effective. Financial organizations are entrusted with sensitive personal and financial data which is very attractive to cybercriminals. The more dependent on technology you are, the more vulnerable your business becomes to threat actors who want to compromise sensitive customer data.

CampusGuard understands the immense responsibility of protecting this information and the regulatory pressures to meet compliance requirements. We help you understand these regulations and establish steps toward achieving your IT security and compliance goals.

Data Protection You Can Count On

Industry-Leading Expertise

The CampusGuard team comes highly certified, with a deep understanding of the latest in networking and system administration, operating systems, security controls, and more.

Our Simplified Solutions

We know you're busy, which is why we make things as easy as possible by assessing your security posture and providing succinct methods of remediation.

Flexible Agreement Options

CampusGuard is your partner for all of your organization's cybersecurity and compliance needs, whether that be a one-time assessment, or an ongoing annual agreement.

Considerations to Improve your Cybersecurity Posture

Your organization’s information security solution should always be evolving alongside technology improvements and increasing rates of cybercrime. Some things to consider:

  • Developing Threats

    Cyber threats change every day. Hackers are honing their skills and as your infrastructure ages, it becomes more prone to vulnerabilities and a potential data breach.
  • Human Error

    One of the largest risks to information security is your staff. Both insider threats and a lack of awareness training, such as the ability to identify phishing emails, are significant dangers to your organization.
  • Third-Party Risks

    If you're sharing your data with a third-party vendor, you are even more vulnerable. Is your sensitive data protected within their network? Are they meeting compliance requirements?
  • Using Available Solutions

    There are many products and services available for your company to use to improve your digital security (i.e., password managers, encryption programs, multi-factor authentication). Are you utilizing these options?
  • Data Breaches Do Happen

    While focusing on prevention, you should also be prepared to react to a data breach. Create and test your incident response plan regularly so the team responding knows their roles in remediation if a breach occurs.
  • Evolving Compliance Landscape

    The responsibilities required of your organization to meet regulatory compliance are always being updated. How are you keeping track?

Why Choose CampusGuard?

It can be cumbersome to stay informed of evolving cyber threats and the steps your organization must take to meet regulatory compliance. As your partner, CampusGuard will do that for you. We have extensive knowledge and experience to improve your cybersecurity posture and provide a complete suite of solutions for industry-leading protection.


Average cost of a data breach in the financial industry in 2023 - IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report


Global average weekly finance industry cyberattacks in 2022 - Check Point Research

Your Digital Vault

Organizations in the financial sector have continuously developed their physical infrastructure to provide more security to their business. Now more than ever, the digital space is just as important. The experts at CampusGuard will help you identify and mitigate risks as well as meet compliance mandates, so you can continue to innovate with the security of your customers in mind.

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