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Employees: one of the most important assets in your organization—and potentially the weakest link in your cybersecurity program

Meet Compliance Requirements While Reducing Risk

Security Awareness Training is critical to the success of your organization’s information security program strategy. Engaging your employees in ongoing training is required to meet many compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, and FERPA, among others. Failure to comply with these requirements not only puts your company at risk by not ensuring your employees are properly trained, it subjects your organization to strict fines and penalties.

Reinforce Security Best Practices While Engaging Your Employees

CampusGuard’s online training courses focus on information security and compliance topics to engage your employees in your ongoing security awareness programs. Our courses feature enhanced content delivery and interactive elements and gamification for a more immersive experience.

Cybersecurity Culture

Our instruction provides your employees with actionable information security best practices that should be incorporated into their daily roles and responsibilities.

Shareable Resources

Our Resource Library contains a growing number of additional resources that can be downloaded and shared with your users throughout the year.

Flexible Delivery

Our Online Training program offers the flexibility to implement the training content on your own SCORM-compliant LMS or through our hosted training platform.

Online Training Offerings

CampusGuard’s courses cover a variety of information security and compliance topics. Our content-rich modules are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of complex, campus and community-based environments like higher education, cities and municipalities, and healthcare facilities, among others. All courses are updated annually to reflect any changes in requirements, trends, and best practices that are relevant to your employees in their daily roles.

  • Information Security Awareness

  • PCI DSS Compliance for Merchants

  • PCI DSS Compliance for Information Technology

  • PCI DSS Compliance for Executives

  • FACTA Red Flags

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • Phishing/Spear Phishing

  • HIPAA Compliance for Administrators

  • HIPAA Compliance for Staff

Benefits of Online Training

CampusGuard’s courses are designed to provide comprehensive, online training that satisfies all compliance requirements and information security needs. Our dedicated team is there throughout the implementation phase, offering templates, administrator training, and support, as well as providing ongoing assistance, user maintenance, and progress reporting.

  1. Updated Training Courses

    All training courses are updated annually to meet ongoing compliance requirements and educate users on new risks and best practices.
  2. Targeted Engaging Content

    Our credentialed experts develop interactive courses specifically for campus and community-based organizations, so the information is relevant to your environment and engaging for your users.
  3. Customized Training Options

    We offer the flexibility to brand and customize training content to align with your organization's policies.
  4. Competitive Pricing

    We provide extremely competitive pricing, including enterprise-wide, unlimited user licenses for a single fixed annual price.

New Training Courses for 2023

2023 GLBA Awareness Training

This course is designed to help your organization and staff safeguard sensitive personal information and prevent potential data breaches. The training provides an overview of:

  • The GLBA Privacy Rule and new requirements from the updated FTC Safeguards Rule
  • Relevant general information security best practices that apply to your environments under the GLBA
  • The potential consequences of non-compliance

2023 FACTA Red Flags Training

This course provides employees with the tools to help proactively prevent identity theft by identifying, detecting, and responding appropriately to potential red flags. Course reviews common risks and threats to covered accounts and how specific departments within your campus are impacted.

Modules include:

  • FACTA Red Flags Overview
  • Identifying and Responding to Red Flags

2023 FERPA Training

This training course provides an overview of the laws governing the acceptable use and release of student records, discusses individual staff and faculty responsibilities, provides guidance on how to protect students’ right to privacy, and explains the potential consequences of non-compliance.

Modules include:

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Overview
  • Common Scenarios (and how to respond)

2023 Information Security Awareness Training

CampusGuard’s 2023 Information Security Awareness Course modules are now available! These updated courses include:

  • Enhanced content delivery with interactive elements and gamification
  • Modern and responsive design for added functionality
  • Compliance with accessibility requirements (WCAG 2.0 conformance)
  • Up-to-date content to reflect current lessons learned and data breach statistics
  • Available Resource Library with supplemental posters and handouts to increase ongoing user engagement

Set Your Organization Up for Success

We ensure your employees have the training tools and resources they need to incorporate IT security and compliance best practices into their working environment to help mitigate risks.

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"The feedback from our users enrolled in CampusGuard’s training was great! They expressed that they liked the interactive content and thought the content was very thorough in addressing their PCI compliance responsibilities. The training allows them to retain the material and implement best practices in their daily roles."

Carolyn Bender

Treasury Director, Coastal Carolina University

Security Awareness Training Frequently Asked Questions

Security awareness and compliance training is designed to inform employees on how to maintain a secure and compliant environment within an organization. This training is provided to employees who have access to sensitive information or who are responsible for managing compliance-related issues, such as data privacy and regulatory requirements.

Security awareness and compliance training are important for these reasons:

  • Preventing security breaches: Employee training emphasizes the importance of following security protocols and guidelines to prevent security breaches. Actionable steps derived from the training include recognizing and reporting suspicious activities, protecting sensitive information, and adhering to password policies.
  • Protecting data: Compliance training underscores the importance of protecting data and confidential information, such as identifying and protecting sensitive data, understanding data protection laws and regulations, and handling data securely.
  • Reducing risks: By educating staff about potential security risks, they become more aware of potential threats and can take actionable steps to mitigate them—such as recognizing phishing scams, social engineering tactics, and other common methods used by cybercriminals.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements: Compliance training helps organizations adhere to industry and government regulations, which may require specific security measures and policies to be in place.
  • Building a security culture: Promoting security awareness and compliance training enables organizations to build a security culture where employees embrace the importance of security and take steps to protect themselves and the organization from the threat of security incidents and reduce the risk of data breaches.

The frequency of security awareness and compliance training varies depending on the specific organization, industry, and regulations that apply to them. In general, most organizations conduct security awareness and compliance training annually or bi-annually which allows employees to refresh their knowledge of security policies and procedures, stay up-to-date on emerging threats, and comply with the latest regulations.

Yes, CampusGuard’s training files are designed with accessibility in mind and meet WCAG Level AA compliance requirements.

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Developing an Effective Security Awareness Training Program

As the threat of data breaches continues to increase, providing your employees with the knowledge they need to implement information security best practices becomes increasingly crucial.

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