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Elect a Secure Environment

Widely-distributed, diverse information systems, lack of expertise and resources, and outdated infrastructure are significant factors that can lead to vulnerabilities in the public sector. At CampusGuard, we recognize these obstacles and are ready to meet you where you are to help reach your data security and compliance goals.

Protecting Your Most Important Asset—Your Data

A Team of Dedicated Experts

With vast experience across a multitude of industries, our knowledgeable team understands the questions to ask to identify potential gaps in security and implement effective remediation strategies and timelines.

A Comprehensive Approach

CampusGuard's comprehensive solutions suite allows you to boost your information security posture with fewer vendors.

Your Partner in Cybersecurity

From the first assessment, to remediation, to ongoing annual support, the CampusGuard approach means we work alongside you as your trusted partner to provide guidance whenever you need it.

Developing a Stronger InfoSec Program

Cyber attacks against state and local government entities are increasing as they struggle to improve their digital infrastructure. Phishing emails sent to government workers continue to play a significant role in launching successful data breaches.

CampusGuard can help you build a strong information security program and engage your employees in Security Awareness Training to keep them informed of the risks and how to mitigate them.

Cybersecurity Threats to State and Local Governments Are At an All-Time High

Ever-evolving cyberattacks targeting state and local government entities continue to increase year over year, and it’s obvious why. Several factors can make your municipality, village, county, or state more vulnerable to a data breach:

  • End User Training

    As phishing, ransomware, and other types of breaches continue to become more prevalent, it's up to the institution to keep all of its end users aware on how to avoid becoming victim to these attacks. Implementing a comprehensive and ongoing information security awareness program is critical.
  • Sensitive Information

    Government organizations hold multitudes of sensitive personal and financial information, making them the ideal target for hackers with malicious intent.
  • Human Error

    Staff turnover, insufficient training, and large workloads mean that cybersecurity might not always be on the minds of your organization's employees, making them more likely to fall victim to an attack.
  • Third-Party Access

    Regulating the use of your network for outside official bodies or communities (such as social workers, councils, consortiums) can be challenging. The more devices accessible to your network, the larger your cybersecurity scope.
  • Outdated Technology

    Appropriating funds in your tight budget to continuously upgrade office technology is not a feasible solution, but working with outdated hardware and software increases your risk.
  • Hotdesking

    Similarly to outdated tech, your office might be sharing equipment or software accounts between employees. This flexibilty could leave files more vulnerable to being accessed by unauthorized users.

Why Choose CampusGuard?

CampusGuard understands the significance of a comprehensive information security program that includes the entire scope of your entity’s environment. We are here to help you recognize the gaps in your current plan and work alongside you to ensure you keep threats out, detect and isolate any breaches quickly, and train your employees on security awareness. Our unique experience that focuses on state and local government makes us your cybersecurity and compliance partner of choice.


Average cost of a data breach in the public sector in 2023 - IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report


Global average weekly government cyberattacks in 2022 - Check Point Research

Is a Data Breach in Your Budget?

State and local governments have the responsibility of protecting both organizational data and the sensitive personal information of their constituents. Not doing so effectively can lead to costly data breaches and ransomware attacks. CampusGuard has the extensive knowledge and experience to improve your cybersecurity posture, providing a complete suite of solutions for industry-leading protection.

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