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Strengthen your information security posture to protect your data and networks from cyberattacks


Transform Your Security Posture

As your organization grows, your needs for meeting compliance regulations and adequately securing data will change as well. Cybersecurity isn’t a one size fits all solution, and CampusGuard understands that. As your information security partner, we will work with you to find gaps in your system and design a policy that makes sense for your organizational structure.

Implementing Advanced Solutions to Protect Your Data

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our highly-certified team possesses a deep understanding of the latest in networking and system administration, operating systems, security controls and more.

Sophisticated Methodologies

We have developed an approach and assessment methodology for the identification and analysis of risk to evaluate sampled areas against the appropriate industry-recognized information security frameworks.

Flexible Agreement Options

CampusGuard is your dedicated partner for all your organization's cybersecurity and compliance needs, whether that be a one-time assessment or an ongoing annual agreement.

Creating a More Secure Environment

As a software or technology company, you are at the helm of innovation, making your data very desirable. A data breach can cause catastrophic damage to your product, research, and reputation. Taking these steps can help you improve your security posture and prevent a costly cyber attack:

  • Understanding Your Risk

    You cannot know where your system is vulnerable without fully understanding the scope of your environment. Utilization of cloud storage, partnerships with third parties, and remote employees all increase your risk of cyber threats.
  • Security Awareness Training

    Providing ongoing training for your staff is an effective way to keep data security top of mind. Knowledge of social engineering tactics, device usage, and your organization's security policy will enable your team to more readily recognize vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Manage Access Controls

    It is critical to closely oversee who has permissions to access sensitive data. In the fast-paced tech industry, it's not uncommon for employee roles and permissions to change constantly, so you must remain vigilant and make updates frequently.
  • Set a Security Standard

    Your organization should clearly define your cybersecurity and compliance goals. Setting this standard will help you not only achieve these goals, but also detect gaps in your security posture when they appear.
  • Incident Response Planning

    Even with a thorough security policy, an incident can still occur. Planning your response to a data breach is an integral way your organization can help to minimize the impact of a potential cyber attack.
  • Security Policy Updates

    Regularly schedule audits and updates to your organization's security policy. Include updates to compliance guidelines, rising threats, staffing changes, and subsequent amendments to your incident response plan.

Why Choose CampusGuard?

It is imperative that your organization meets compliance regulations and can be trusted with the protected information of your stakeholders—but that doesn’t have to be complicated. The experts at CampusGuard stay on top of the cyber landscape to ensure our customers are implementing the most advanced solutions for protecting their sensitive data.


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Moving Forward, Without Disruption

A data breach can be incredibly costly to your organization in revenue, time, and reputation. CampusGuard helps you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of managing compliance regulations while defending against cyber threats—giving you peace of mind to pass onto your customers and allowing you to focus on your business without interruption.

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