Red Teaming

Pinpoint potential vulnerabilities in your defenses before an attacker does

Red Teaming

Test Your Infrastructure's Ability to Withstand a Network Intrusion

A Red Team assessment takes pen testing to the next level to examine your network capabilities in combatting an invasion and your personnel’s ability to recognize an attempt is being made to invade your network.

Why Choose RedLens InfoSec for Red Teaming?

We work closely with you to determine your largest risk area and what keeps you up at night. What are your most valuable assets (Sensitive research data? Customer credit card data?) and what would happen if that data was compromised? Our Red Team assessment is designed to fit your specific needs—whether testing from the internet, an assumed compromised scenario, or others.

customized engagements

Customized Assessments

Each Red Teaming engagement is specific to your needs. From physical security testing to social engineering, and phishing emails—we pinpoint your biggest risk areas.

our customer centric approach

Customer-centric Approach

We go beyond using automated tools—receive customized, hands-on experience with our dedicated team.

red teaming

Real-life Simulations

Our Red Team engagements closely mimic nefarious tactics bad actors would use, without the destructive consequences.

What Is Red Teaming?

A Red Team assessment with RedLens InfoSec puts your defensive capabilities to the test by rigorously examining your infrastructures through a full-scale cyber assault simulation.

Waiting for an intrusion to test your defenses puts not only your organization at risk, but also jeopardizes your reputation and the trust of your customers.

Benefits of Red Teaming

Red Teaming puts your infrastructure to the test in a simulated attack campaign. Observe how your organization would engage—and defend itself—in an attack that would exploit your vulnerabilities through your people, processes, and technology.

  • Prevent an attack before it starts

    Each Red Team assessment will gauge your organization’s ability to detect, respond to, and prevent an attack.
  • We design a unique defense program for your organization

    Our dedicated team works to identify your unique needs, including risk areas, time period for the engagement, reporting requirements, and more.
  • Strenthen your defenses against an attack

    We test your systems to determine your areas of risk and help you boost measures to defend your network.
  • Get actionable steps for remediation and support

    We deliver a detailed, actionable Report of Findings, schedule a report review call, and provide additional support hours to assist with remediation.

Put Your Defensive Capabilities to the Test

Waiting for an intrusion to test your defenses puts your organization, reputation, and customers at risk. Red Teaming will determine how well your organization is prepared if, or when, an attack occurs.

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Top Red Teaming FAQs

Red Teaming is the method of simulating an attack using Tactics, Techniques, and Prodecures (TTP) to measure an organization's security defenses in a controlled environment.

A Red Team is the attacking side, or ethical hackers who use malicious techniques such as phishing, spear phishing, physical spoofing, session hijacking, and other manipulative capabilities to exploit an organization's security posture.

A Red Team assessment measures the effectiveness of your organization's defenses—from your software, security team, policies, procedures, and preparedness—against a full-fledged cyber attack. The goals are simple: detect the intrusion and obstruct it before it infultrates your network. Red Team asssessments gauge your readiness if a real attack were to occur and helps to establish defensive strategies to prevent an attack and improve security processes for the future.

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What Can I Expect from a Red Team Engagement?

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, taking proactive security measures like red teaming is increasingly critical to include in your comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

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