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Hospitality Cybersecurity

Taking Care of Your Security Needs

Businesses in the hospitality sector are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, from processing customer information to the very infrastructure of their business (i.e., key cards, mobile ordering, light and temperature controls, etc.). As your organization begins to implement more digital solutions, securing a robust cybersecurity plan becomes more significant. CampusGuard delivers peace of mind by identifying your potential cybersecurity risks and by working alongside you to mitigate them.

Serving Solutions to Protect Your Data

An Extension of Your Team

The experts at CampusGuard approach our relationships with our clients like old friends. You'll have a dedicated representative to contact directly whenever you need them.

Simplified Solutions

We know you're busy, which is why we make things as easy as possible by assessing your security posture and providing succinct methods of remediation.

Comprehensive Approach

With a suite of products and services, CampusGuard handles data security and compliance holistically, so you can meet multiple objectives in less time.

Steps to Boost Your Security Posture

As technology continues to evolve, your organization’s information security plan should, too. Here are some recommended actions to take to help you begin improving your current strategy:

  • Network Segmentation

    Guests should never be utilizing the same network on which you run or store sensitive data. Further segmenting your networks can better help your IT team know which networks are experiencing issues.
  • Risk Assessments

    The best way to enhance your cybersecurity program is by identifying your vulnerabilities. Regular risk assessments can help you better detect changes and gaps in your systems.
  • Update Software

    Software updates are made available whenever there is a patch to a known vulnerability. Prioritize applying these updates whenever they are released.
  • Staff Training

    Empower your employees with the knowledge and tools they need to recognize and avoid a potential threat. Ongoing security awareness training should be provided to both new hires and established employees to keep the information top of mind.
  • Monitor User Access

    Overseeing user access to systems, networks, and sensitive data is a crucial step in monitoring access controls. Only allow permissions to users whose role is required to access necessary data.
  • Manage Third-Party Service Providers

    Outsourcing services to other businesses can leave your data more vulnerable to an attack. Ensure that these vendors are following compliance requirements, are accessing only the data they need, and include their responsibility for data security in their service agreements.

Why Choose CampusGuard?

The hospitality industry uses tech in a variety of ways, so ensuring data security across your entire enterprise can be complex. CampusGuard specializes in these environments and can work alongside your team to fortify your cybersecurity efforts, develop a plan to remediate any gaps and help your business move forward safely.


Average cost of a data breach in the hospitality industry in 2023 - IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report


Global average weekly hospitality industry cyberattacks - Check Point Research

Welcome to Peace of Mind

The effects of a data breach can be detrimental to an organization within the hospitality sector. We will help you identify and remediate threats to improve your information security posture, so you can focus on serving your clients and guests.

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