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Higher education institutions have an extensive amount of sensitive data and must adhere to multiple compliance requirements to protect that data ongoing. The campus-based environment consists of a complicated, ever-changing scope. Thousands of users, hundreds of networks, and multiple campuses and departments can make reaching and maintaining your data security and compliance goals difficult. CampusGuard’s extensive background in higher education and understanding of everyday challenges, as well as recommended solutions, have designated us the trusted partner for over 400 colleges and universities.

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Our suite of data security and compliance solutions and expert guidance helps you identify gaps in your program to further accomplish your data security and compliance goals.

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Our dedicated team of certified professional delivers uncomplicated and feasible expertise to help your institution or organization achieve success.

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We view ourselves as your partner. When you work with CampusGuard, you get to know our team on a first-name basis. Our representatives are always available to support you however you need.

Information Security Considerations

Higher Education institutions are complex—Creating a secure environment can be complicated. Here are some pain points that can lead to additional risks:

  • Number of End Users

    As phishing, ransomware, and other types of breaches continue to become more prevalent, it's up to the institution to keep all of its end users aware on how to avoid becoming victim to these attacks. Implementing a comprehensive and ongoing information security awareness program is critical.
  • Outdated Technology

    Upgrading to the latest technology every time it becomes available is not a realistic solution, but outdated tech does leave you more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Regular audits and updating software is a must.
  • A Constantly Changing Scope

    The devices that fall within the scope of an institution's compliance responsibility greatly depends upon how those devices are being used. Creating best practices and focusing on staff awareness is the best way to regulate your scope and maintain your compliance.
  • Third-Party Management

    Contracting with a third-party service provider does not eliminate the institution's responsibilities, but it can change them. Vendors must maintain communication with you on their levels of compliance.
  • Multiple Networks

    Sensitive data is located across your entire organization spanning multiple networks. It is paramount to find a security solution that considers your institution holistically.

Why Choose CampusGuard?

The expert team at CampusGuard specializes with working with campus-based environments and many of our team come from a Higher Ed background. We understand the risks you face and the complications of maintaining a secure environment. Working with us means adding a team of experts to your staff who are there to support you as you build out your information security program.


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Data Protection Means Peace of Mind

Higher Education organizations are responsible for protecting the sensitive data of each of their end users across a fluctuating scope. Any inability to do so can result in litigation or damage a competitive edge in the market. Partnering with CampusGuard means having the ability to assess all of your Information Security and Compliance needs with one solution.

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