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Online Training Press Release

Release date: February 20, 2024

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA—CampusGuard, a full-service cybersecurity and compliance solutions provider, is excited to announce the release of our latest online Security Awareness and Compliance Training packages, offering expanded choices for our valued customers.

The Information Security Awareness package includes access to over 20 security awareness modules, providing users with best practices on email security, internet security, social engineering, phishing, remote work environments, data classification, incident management, artificial intelligence, and more.

The Compliance package provides access to compliance-driven training including training on PCI DSS, GLBA/FTC Safeguards Rule, FACTA Red Flags, HIPAA, and FERPA, as well as supplemental resource libraries and content to share with staff as applicable.

CampusGuard’s results-driven Online Training courses empower employees to make awareness-driven decisions and actively engage in ongoing security awareness initiatives. Our courses feature enhanced content delivery, interactive elements, and gamification for a more immersive experience.

“CampusGuard’s Online Training program employs a consultative approach, aiming to assist organizations to go beyond checking the box to meet compliance requirements,” said Katie Johnson, CampusGuard Manager of Operations Support and Online Training Product Lead. “Our primary goal is to support our clients by designing a customized, impactful program that promotes a cybersecurity-minded culture among employees. Our latest package options offer the flexibility to adapt your security awareness program to suit specific organizational needs with role-based training modules.”

Each Online Training package provides comprehensive course content that is updated annually to align with evolving compliance standards and to educate users on emerging risks and best practices. Users gain access to CampusGuard’s comprehensive resource library and organizations benefit from quarterly calls with a training administrator to review user progress and analytics, gather feedback, and discuss strategies for improvement.

Customers can select from CampusGuard’s InfoSec Awareness Package, Compliance Package, both packages, or purchase access for a Single Compliance Course. Online training customers also have the option to select from three distinct training options:

  1. SCORM: Online Training hosted on the customer’s learning management system (LMS).
  2. Standard Hosted: Online Training hosted on CampusGuard’s LMS and the customer performs all user management.
  3. Premier Hosted: Online Training hosted on CampusGuard’s LMS and CampusGuard personnel perform user management and provide additional resources.

Explore our Online Training Information Security and Compliance Guide for a detailed breakdown of the package inclusions.

Visit CampusGuard’s Online Training page to learn more or request demo access to the training library.

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