6 Reasons to Incorporate Security Awareness Training in Your Organization

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Security Awareness Training is a crucial component of any organization’s data security program. As the threat of data breaches continues to escalate, providing your employees with the knowledge they need to implement information security best practices becomes increasingly critical.

Here are six important incentives for making security awareness training a priority in your organization:

  1. Meets compliance requirements

    Compliance training for PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, and FERPA, among others, helps organizations adhere to industry and government regulations, which may require that specific security measures and policies are in place. Ensuring that these compliance requirements are met reduces the risk of penalties, lawsuits, and fines.

  2. Protects your organization from data breaches

    Employees are an important asset to every organization, but they can also be highly susceptible to becoming victims of malicious cyberattacks. Ongoing employee training emphasizes the importance of following security protocols and guidelines to prevent security breaches. Actionable steps taken from the training include recognizing and reporting suspicious activities, learning how to identify email phishing attempts, protecting sensitive information, and adhering to password policies.

  3. Promotes a culture that embraces security

    Advocating security awareness and compliance training from the top down enables organizations to build a security culture where well-informed employees embrace the importance of security every day and take steps to protect themselves and the organization from the threat of cyber incidents and attacks.

  4. Secures organizational and customer data

    Compliance training underscores the importance of protecting data and confidential information, such as identifying and protecting sensitive data (i.e., research data, protected health information, etc.), understanding data classification across your organization, and adhering to data protection laws and regulations.

  5. Reduces risk

    By educating staff about potential security risks, they become more aware of potential threats and can take actionable steps to mitigate them—such as recognizing phishing and vishing scams, social engineering tactics, and other common methods used by cybercriminals.

  6. Demonstrates your commitment to your customers

    Investing in security awareness training validates that you are acting responsibly in maintaining data security and builds trust with your customers who ultimately want to ensure that their data is safe and secure.

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