Penetration Testing

Prevent Costly Data Breaches

Penetration Segmentation Testing

Limit the Impact of a Potential Security Incident

Annual penetration testing is critical in supporting your organization’s security posture and compliance efforts. A penetration test will break down vulnerabilities into those that are exploitable, pinpoint specific areas of high risk, and identify which vulnerabilities are jeopardizing your organization’s most critical assets.

Why Choose RedLens InfoSec for Pen Testing?

We evaluate and offer recommendations to improve your organization’s security posture, test its existing defense capabilities, limit the damage of a possible security attack, and assist in executing legal or regulatory compliance requirements.

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Customer-centric Approach

We go beyond using automated tools—receive customized, hands-on experience with our dedicated team.

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Our Thorough 7-step Process

Our thorough implementation process identifies security vulnerabilities and gaps in your environments.

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Comprehensive, Actionable Reports

Our custom reports provide valuable insight into true deficiencies, identify specific weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and recommendations designed to provide step-by-step corrective action for ease-of-use.​

Why Is Penetration Testing Important?

The most important objective of a penetration test is not necessarily to find all existing vulnerabilities but rather to provide your organization with data to effectively manage and prioritize overall business risk. A RedLens pen testing engagement helps your organization:

  • Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems and applications

  • Build customer trust and brand security

  • Prevents costly data breaches

  • Meets PCI compliance standards

RedLens Infosec's Penetration Testing Methodology

We use a comprehensive 7-step process to implement our penetration testing engagements.

Secure Your Business to Prevent a Data Breach

Don't wait for a compromise to identify a weakness. Penetration testing will determine how well your organization is prepared if, or when, you suffer an attack.

Get Started with Secure Your Business to Prevent a Data Breach

"CampusGuard has been a long term partner of Oakland University since 2019 and has partnered on a variety of initiatives including GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, Table Top Exercises, and penetration testing. Their ongoing consulting/QSA support services have been extremely valuable in helping OU to refine and mature our security and compliance programs. In particular we really appreciate CampusGuard's flexibility and quick response time, for example promptly arranging a call to discuss how a proposed purchase or architecture change may impact compliance."

Dennis Bolton

Information Security Officer, Oakland University

Top Penetration Testing FAQs

A penetration test, or pen test, evaluates security vulnerabilities and gaps and identifies areas of high risk in your organization's systems, networks, applications, and operating procedures.

Routine penetration testing allows you to safely test the security of your organization’s systems against real-world threats that could impact your network security, identify vulnerabilities caused by operational weaknesses, outdated security policies, insecure settings, bad passwords, software bugs, configuration errors, etc., and provide steps for remediation.

A pen test will flag areas of weakness – before a hacker finds and exploits them. This proactive test of the organization’s overall exposure helps to protect you from financial and reputational loss, as well as potentially devastating downtime.

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