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Scams Targeting College Students

It’s Back to School season and a great time to remind you about the importance of applying cybersecurity best practices into your everyday life. We’ve compiled a list of blog articles, videos, and infographics focused on leading security concerns to be aware of and steps to safeguard your personal data, devices, and finances.

  • Back to School: Is Your Network Ready?

    As your students return to campus this fall, how can you be sure your networks are protected? Read our list of common controls and security tools that can be deployed to prevent against data breaches.

  • Top Scams Targeting College Students

    Discover the most common scams targeting college students and steps to take to avoid becoming a victim.

  • 5 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Data

    As the prevalence of cybercrime continues to increase, protecting yourself online at home, school, and work has never been more critical. Our tips help to keep your information safe and protect you from becoming the victim of a cyber attack.

  • Identify Theft – Protecting Your Personal Information

    Every two seconds, another person in the United States falls victim to identity fraud. Learn how criminals access your personal information and steps to prevent identity theft.

  • Cybersecurity Best Practices Checklist

    Adhering to the following best practices can significantly reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of a security breach.

  • Information Security Best Practices

    Download our comprehensive infographic highlighting common security tools, email best practices, phishing warning signs, tips on preventing spam, and more!

  • Social Media: Defining Acceptable Use on Campus

    Social media helps to keep us connected, but it also poses risks. Read our list of best practices to keep in mind when scrolling through social media.

  • Protecting Your Data Privacy

    Knowing how your data is being used and actively engaging in the following steps will help protect your data privacy.

  • Passwords: Simplifying the Rules

    Discover the basic principles behind creating secure passwords. Download this infographic and share it with your friends to stay informed!

  • Mobile Device Security

    Access our list of the best practices you should be following when utilizing your mobile device in order to protect your data.

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