Evaluating E-commerce Third Parties: It’s a Party!

Webinar PCI DSS

Evaluating E-commerce Third Parties

Webinar topics:

Hosted by The Payments Academy: Join us for a dynamic conversation on challenging third parties in the e-commerce space who don’t quite understand their role and responsibilities.


  • About CampusGuard
  • E-commerce Models
  • Classifications Based on the Security of Payment Card Data
  • Scenario 1 – What You Don’t Want to See
  • Scenario 2 – More of What You Don’t Want to See
  • TPSP Management
  • Q&A

Our Presenters

Pete Campbell headshot

Pete Campbell

Manager, Security Advisor Services & PCI Practice Lead

Pete Campbell has more than 25 years of experience in information technology/security and compliance services within campus-based environments. Prior to CampusGuard, Pete was the Director of Payment Technology at the University of Arkansas, and oversaw PCI DSS compliance for the entire campus as an ISA. Pete has worked within PCI Council programs and standards since 2006, and qualified as a QSA in 2014.

Allison Zwaschka

Allison Zwaschka

Customer Relationship Manager

As a CampusGuard Customer Relationship Manager, Allison is the customer’s main point of contact on the CampusGuard Team and is responsible for coordinating the delivery of PCI Compliance and IT security services. She is responsible for cultivating and maintaining client relationships, identifying client needs, and works to ensure that each customer engagement achieves a consistent level of excellence.


About the Author
Kathy Staples

Kathy Staples

Marketing Manager

Kathy Staples has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, with special focus on corporate marketing initiatives and serving as an account manager for many Fortune 500 clients. As CampusGuard's Marketing Manager, Kathy's main objectives are to drive the company's brand awareness and marketing strategies while strengthening our partnerships with higher education institutions and organizations. Her marketing skills encompass multiple digital marketing initiatives, including campaign development, website management, SEO optimization, and content, email, and social media marketing.