K-12 Cyber Risks: Empowering Staff with Effective Security Training

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FACTS CampusGuard Webinar on Security Awareness Training

Webinar Topics

K-12 schools face increasing threats from cybercriminals and ransomware, due to the wealth of sensitive student data and administrative records stored within their systems.

How can you ensure your staff is prepared to proactively defend against cyberattacks? Educating end users on their crucial role in safeguarding student and staff information and recognizing and responding to potential security threats is critical.

This webinar will examine real-world lessons learned, recent K-12 breach statistics, and strategies for developing and implementing a robust cybersecurity awareness training program.


  • CampusGuard Intro
  • Increasing Cyberattacks, Lessons Learned, and Consequences
  • Identifying Risks Specific to K-12
  • Recommendations for Building Training Content
  • Frequency for Training and Ongoing Updates
  • Gaining Support and Enforcing Requirements
  • Measuring Effectiveness and ROI
  • Questions

Our Presenter

Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson

Manager, Operations Support, CampusGuard

As the manager of Operations Support, Katie leads the team responsible for supporting and delivering CampusGuard services including online training, vulnerability scanning, and the CampusGuard Central® portal. With over 15 years of experience in information security awareness training, Katie is also the Product Lead for CampusGuard’s online training services. Katie assists organizations with their information security and compliance programs and is responsible for coordinating the various teams involved.


About the Author
Kathy Staples

Kathy Staples

Marketing Manager

Kathy Staples has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, with special focus on corporate marketing initiatives and serving as an account manager for many Fortune 500 clients. As CampusGuard's Marketing Manager, Kathy's main objectives are to drive the company's brand awareness and marketing strategies while strengthening our partnerships with higher education institutions and organizations. Her marketing skills encompass multiple digital marketing initiatives, including campaign development, website management, SEO optimization, and content, email, and social media marketing.