The Ultimate Guide to Elevate Your Security Awareness Training

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Elevate Your Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is a critical element of any organization’s data security program. As the threat of data breaches continues to increase, providing your employees with the knowledge they need to implement information security best practices becomes increasingly crucial.

This document provides your organization with guidance to effectively plan and develop a Security Awareness Training Program. CampusGuard’s team can support your organization and take your information security and compliance training to the next level.

The guide outlines strategies and tools, including:

  • Elements of a Successful Security Awareness Program
  • Insight into a recent report on the effectiveness of your Security and Compliance Training
  • Benefits of Security Awareness Training
  • Compliance training requirements (PCI DSS v4.0, GLBA, HIPAA, FERPA, and more)
  • Employee training frequency
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your training program
  • Considerations for training student workers
  • Gaining executive support
  • Developing training that is customized for your organization and risks
  • Third-party and vendor oversight
  • CampusGuard training courses, packages, services and delivery, and other resources

Is your InfoSec and compliance training effective? Are you merely checking the box to meet compliance requirements or are you looking for a results-driven program that empowers your employees to promote a security-minded culture? Now is the time to explore a better solution.

Learn how CampusGuard’s Online Training can boost your organization’s security awareness and compliance programs by providing content-rich modules that are uniquely tailored to meet your complex needs. From determining what types of training your users should enroll in to ensuring your content is compliant, CampusGuard is here to assist you with your online training needs. Contact us to get started!

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